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Our youngest group of children (12 months to 24 months) is an exciting addition to the center. This small group has fun exploring the environment, tackling new experiences and making new friends.


This group, two year olds, is full of children who are on the go and excited about learning new and exciting ways to interact with the world around them. They have an eagerness to grow and explore.


In our three year old class, the children are playing more interactively with one another so developing social skills is emphasized. Hands-on, child centered activities are available throughout the classroom and the children can move from area to area exploring and delving into the monthly theme.


Our pre-K class focuses on kindergarten readiness skills. Our approach is very hands-on and child centered. Children are encouraged to interact with the concepts being presented - to manipulate objects and get a feel for what is being learned. Our goal is to introduce a variety of ideas and materials in a fun way so the children get excited and love to learn.


We provide care before and after school for school age children. Our focus is to provide a fun, safe place to relax and have fun before and after school. We also have full day programs during school breaks and during the summer.


Paths to Quality


Woodside Children's Center has achieved
LEVEL 1 on the Paths to QUALITY

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Woodside Children's Center
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